Agasha Retsuka

Jade Legionnaire


Agasha retSuka, jade leGioNNaire
Air: 2 EArth: 4 FirE: 3 WAtEr: 2 Void: 2
rEFlExEs: 3
Honor: 5.8 Status: 1.0 Glory: 1.8
School/Rank: Tamori Shugenja 2 (Jade Legionnaire Path)
Skills: Athletics 2, Battle 2, Calligraphy 2, Defense 2,
Divination 1, Hunting 1, Investigation 2, Kenjutsu 3,
Lore: Maho 2, Lore: Theology 2, Medicine 2, Meditation
2, Spellcraft 2
Spells: Sense, Commune, Summon, Armor of Earth (Earth
1), Elemental Ward (Earth 1), Jade Strike (Earth 1), Earth
Becomes Sky (Earth 2), Grasp of Earth (Earth 2), Sharing
the Stregth of Many (Earth 3) Katana of Fire (Fire 1),
Extinguish (Fire 1), Path to Inner Peace (Water 1)
Advantages: Bland, Hotei’s Blessing
Disadvantages: Unlucky (1)


Retsuka has always been at home in the mountaintops
of the Dragon lands, and she has served mainly in the
lower ranks of the clan’s armies since her gempukku.
Like many Tamori, she found service as a soldier more
fulfilling than scholarly study or meditation. However, her
grandfather was unhappy with her lack of advancement
in rank, seeing it as a blight on the family’s
reputation. He arranged for Retsuka to be
assigned to the service of an Imperial Jade
Magistrate, thinking this might give her
career the push it needed.
In truth, Retsuka felt
little personal interest in
advancing herself, finding
all the fulfillment she needed
in her low-ranking duties,
and she did not begrudge
her superiors’ tendency to
overlook her skills. She found
her grandfather’s assistance
more annoying than helpful,
but she was not one to reject
an assignment. She has served
her new lord as faithfully as
the previous one. Recently he
was ordered to dispatch one
of his assistants to Naishou
Province to serve the new
Imperial Governor there. He
chose Retsuko, apparently
because she was the least
memorable of his deputies and
therefore the one he would miss
the least. Retsuka accepted this
with equinamity as she has every
other change, although privately she is a bit weary of
serving new masters every couple of years.

Agasha Retsuka

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