Daidoji Ninku

Emerald Magistrate


Daidoji Ninku, Emerald Magistrat e
Air: 2 Earth: 3 Fire: 3 Water: 3 Void: 3
Reflexes: 3
Honor: 8.5 Status: 4.5 Glory: 3.0
School/Rank: Daidoji Iron Warrior 3
Skills: Athletics 3, Battle 2, Defense 4, Etiquette 3,
Heavy Weapons (Masakari) 1, Horsemanship 2, Hunting
(Tracking) 4, Iaijutsu 3, Investigation (Interrogation) 5,
Kenjutsu (Katana) 5, Kyujutsu 3, Lore: Bushido 2, Lore:
Heraldry 3, Lore: Law 3, Lore; Shadowlands 2, Spears
(Yari) 5, Sincerity 2
Advantages: Social Position (Emerald Magistrate), Virtuous,


Daidoji Ninku is not a particularly attractive woman,
especially for a Crane, but this rarely if ever bothers
her. Rather, she has always thought of herself as a true
“Iron Crane,” and has earned a reputation as a serious,
dedicated woman of strict morals and stern devotion
to duty. She can trace her line back to Daidoji Masashigi
himself, the daimyo whose heroic death at the
Battle of the Tidal Landbridge first won the respect of
the Crab for his family. As a child she always thought
to follow closely in her ancestor’s path, and from the
moment she was old enough to train she dedicated herself
to the way of the sword and to Bushido. After her gempukku
she upheld tradition by spending a year on the Kaiu
Wall, fighting the Shadowlands. There she learned a great
deal about the art of battle—more, perhaps, than she might
have wished—and in the process earned great respect from
her Crab squad-mates.
Once she returned to Crane lands, Ninku’s life seemed
simple and uninspiring by contrast with her year alongside
the Crab. She was given various guard duties around
the Crane lands, duties which were honorable but seldom
dangerous or exciting.
Ninku’s days of mundane duty came to an end in an
unexpected way. While standing guard at a diplomatic
conference in the southern Crane lands, she realized one
of the attendees was actually a Bog Hag. Her time with
the Crab allowed her to spot the subtle clues that her comrades
had missed, and at the critical moment she was able
to unmask the creature before it could kill an ambassador
from a neighboring clan. In recognition of her deeds, the
Crane Clan arranged for her to be appointed as an Emerald
Kyuden Kurogane-Hana is Ninku’s first official assignment
as one of the Emerald Magistrates, and she is determined
to do her duty well and bring glory to her family
name. However, she is also uneasily aware that she has no
real experience in either politics or law enforcement, both
fields which are vital to her duties here. She knows enough
about the Shadowlands to recognize that her fellow Crane
Doji Ronshouko is not suffering from some supernatural
malady, so she has begun to cultivate the courtier maiden
as an ally. After all, you never know when you might need
someone with political skill to guard your back in court.

Crane Attendants
The Crane have a modest interest in Kyuden Kurogane-
Hana, since a court where every Great Clan is represented
to at least some degree (along with even a few of the
Minor Clans) cannot be ignored lest the
Scorpion or some other faction gain an
unseen advantage. Doji Ronshouko
is the official leader of the Crane
Clan contingent here, attended
by her bodyguard Doji Koreda
(Kakita Bushi 2). Several
lesser courtiers are posted
here as her aides and
assistants, and young
graduates from the
Doji Courtier School
are often sent here
as an early assignment to season them for more prominent
Daidoji Ninku is permanently housed in Kyuden Kurogane-
Hana as its resident Emerald Magistrate. She is supported
by a young clerk named Doji Ryuta (Doji Courtier
1) and a ronin yoriki named Kuro (Insight Rank 2), and
can call on the castle garrison at need.

Daidoji Ninku

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