Yasuki Jin

Charming Crab


Yasuki Jin, Charming Crab
Air: 2 Earth: 3 Fire: 2 Water: 2 Void: 2
Awa reness: 4 Intelligence: 4 Perception: 4
Honor: 2.8 Status: 2.0 Glory: 2.1
School/Rank: Yasuki Courtier 2
Skills: Animal Handling 1, Athletics 2, Commerce (Appraisal)
5, Courtier 3, Defense 2, Etiquette (Bureaucracy)
5, Games: Go 2, Intimidation 1, Kenjutsu 2, Lore: Heraldry
2, Lore: Law 4, Lore: Shadowlands 2, Sincerity (Deceit) 3,
Stealth 2, Storytelling 3, Theology 2, Underworld 2
Advantages: Benten’s Blessing, Wealthy (4)
Disadvantages: Small


Yasuki Jin is a small man by the standards of most Rokugani,
and downright tiny by the measure of the Crab. Even
so, he manages to stand out in a crowd. Jin’s charm and
energy quickly caught the eye of the Yasuki sensei, and
he was groomed for a role in court from an early age.
He stood out as an excellent student who quickly grasped
both the intricacies of courtly negotiation and the more
traditional Yasuki fields of commerce and mercantilism,
making him a star student.
After his gempukku, Jin initially focused on making a
name for himself as a merchant patron. He had a knack for
finding good deals and—in some ways more important—
for avoiding trouble. Although he made sure to always
send plenty of profits back to the clan, he also saw to it
that he personally improved his life through his success,
particularly in the way of clothes and servants. By Yasuki
standards Jin is downright stylish, and makes a point of
always following the latest fashions and trends.
In light of Jin’s success in the commercial realm, the clan
has decided to give him a chance to prove that his talents
can also serve the clan in more conventional diplomacy. His
assignment at Kyuden Kurogane-Hana is his first chance
to do so, and he approaches the negotiations here with the
same mixture of enthusiasm, determination, and relentless
charm he previously used in his mercantile efforts. Talking
with Jin can be exhausting; he is relentless in both his good
cheer and his pursuit of the deal, regardless of whether that
deal involves favors or koku. From Jin’s viewpoint, there’s
really no difference between the two; both are simply the
currency of their respective markets.
Jin’s principal goal in the court of Kyuden Kurogane-
Hana is to build up a network of favors and allies he can
rely on in the future. He deliberately cultivates friendships
with everyone, regardless of clan or station, and is just as
happy discussing clothing styles with Toku Irui as he is
discussing the most morbid of topics with Kitsuki Rinjin.
He is a talented go player and often relies on the game to
break the ice with others; when he has nothing else to do,
he can usually be found playing against his bodyguard.

Crab Attendants
Although the Crab contingent at Kyuden Kurogane-Hana
is small—as is typical in most courts—Jin’s leadership has
given the Crab more weight and influence than might be
expected. The Crab as a whole have only a minor interest
in this place, although the Kaiu would like a chance to
examine the castle and its environs more closely—perhaps
moreso than its owners would perfer.
Primary among the attendants of the Crab is Yasuki
Jin’s friend and bodyguard, Hida Yohachi (Hida Bushi 2).
Yohachi is surprisingly elegant for a Crab bushi, although
no one would ever mistake him for a courtier like Jin. He
spends most of his time either in the nearest dojo or at the
go board with anyone who is willing to play him, most often
Jin himself. Opponents will find him relatively competent
at the game, but not skillful enough to make anyone
take real note. Yohachi is a stalwart defender of his friend,
whether the attack comes from a blade or a word, but he
tends to defer to Jin most of the time, only speaking out
when absolutely necessary or when Jin is unavailable to
defend himself.

Yasuki Jin

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